About LA4ESA
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I was borned December 23, 1953, in Oslo, the capital city of Norway.
The interest in electronics was probably in the subconscious of what I wanted to work as an electrician. This was unfortunately not realized as career took a completely different direction

I have worked in warehouse/transport, shipping, sales in several industries, both on the supplier side as well as on store page

After a re-training in 2004-2005, I'm working today with accounting and happy with it.
Interest in amateur radio hobby started by LA3RNA Tord began to ignite a spark in me for this. As an spectator i obseerved when he run the radio. The exitment was huge when he get contact far out in the world.
Especially fun I realized that this was when i saw his reaction when he made contact with an amateur in India, under conditions where it theoretically should not be so easy right then and there.
Anyway, the spark was lit with me.
To obtain a license, i had to complete a course. That was not available in my area at that time. The solution was to read the privacy and take the exam as a private. Approx. 1 year passed, I passed the exam and in October 2009, I sat with the license.

I started as a radio amateur in October 2009.
The excitement was great when I recently purchased equipment and rigged me in a small shack at the cabin. I had purchased a Yaesu FT450AT and a long wire antenna on 42meter. This was hung up after much effort, compass direction of north / south. Height of feed point is about. 10 meters above ground and height of the "feet" is about. 2 meters above the ground.
On 10 October 2009, I had my first contact with IZ4NPE at. 12:46 UTC.
I felt it was absolutely amazing that I do with such simple means to speak with a man far down in Italy. Tensions rose when I eventually got contacts further south, Asian Russia, the USA, Canada etc.
I was completely lit up this hobby. I was therefore in the starting pit to the use of SSB. Later there will be CW, PSK and so on.
We must not interfere too much in the beginning. I decided to learn SSB until I felt sure of it, then move on to other things.
The ability to go out into the world with relative ease, it is that fascinates me. There is absolutely no problem to reach around the globe, by making large investments in both radio and antenna side. All radio amateurs must find their own way of doing this and everyone should be respected for the scope selected.
I have chosen to keep this at a cost that is acceptable to me and not least the family in general.

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